Writing systems from “Trinka and the Thousand Talismans”

Throughout my book, Trinka encounters different ways of writing words. Since the world she grew up on, Ellipsis, stores clouds full of thoughts in glass jars (talk about cloud computing!), she only becomes aware of reading and writing through her travels.

Since I liked language enough to complete a bachelor’s degree in applied linguistics, I had a great time imagining what all these writing systems would look like, and actually created most of them. (Okay, I even have some for characters who didn’t make it into the book! Maybe next time…)

Here you can find more info about the writing systems for:

You can also find out more about letters, and why my writing systems have more than 26.

You might even be inspired to create a writing system of your own! (Sorry, I can’t help you put clouds of thoughts into glass jars.)