Writing in Brace

While visiting her father, Bram, Trinka learns to read for the very first time. The sailors in the world of Brace are pretty much graffiti artists… they write on everything, everywhere they go! Trinka joyfully finds writing all over the ship, its equipment, and even on her father’s hand.

The name "Ashira" on Bram's hand

The name “Ashira” on Bram’s hand

The characters

The Brace alphabet (or “ath,” after the first and last letters) has 13 vowels and 24 consonants, since it uses one just unique letter for each vowel sound or consonant sound. Why are there more than 26 letters?


Need help figuring out what sounds these letters make? Check out my letter sounds guide.

Note: Writers on Brace also use one special piece of punctuation–a double dot (:) to make words plural.


The writing system for Brace is a little bit like the futhark, a Norse runic alphabet. It also has its own flavor, with symbols suggested by the wind and waves, and even sea creatures and plants.

Try it out…

See if you can decode these messages that Trinka found on her father’s ship. Remember, each symbol represents a speech sound, not a letter of the English/Latin alphabet.


Inspirational words on the ship itself



Words on Alfredo the emergency flare


Words on the bottom of a cooking pot

Words on the bottom of a cooking pot

Write on!

You can use the “ath” to write your own messages, or make up your own rune-inspired alphabet!

Count on it…

Although I’m not much of a numbers person, I decided the people of Brace needed them. As you can see, the “fiskbenbrev” uses fish-inspired shapes for smaller numbers, and jewel-based symbols for larger ones (needed by the transport crews such as the ones on the hjem).