The Story: Trinka accidentally comes across her cousins’ pet, Nefertari, which sets them off on an adventure of entrapment in the fiery jewel caves.

Species: Nefertari is an arcanphiar, or misticat. Like the genies, she is bound to the bottle that she hatched from, and can transform at will. Unlike genies, who typically transform quickly, misticats often take their own sweet time.

An arcanphiar transforming

An arcanphiar transforming

Special abilities: The arcanphiar, like the gorglum and the genies, originate from the fiery caves of Apostrophe. They have a strong instinct for hunting jewels, and were “harvested” by humans wishing to exploit the caves’ wealth. Since the development of less temperamental talismans for that job, misticats are more often exotic pets. Their eyes are bright as lamps in the darkness.

Inspiration: No idea, since I’m not much of a cat person.