grbleThe Story: Grble is the first creature-talisman Trinka meets on her journey, and he becomes one of her closest and most constant companions throughout her journey.

Species: The gorglum arenatives of the caves of Apostrophe. Grble, like Trinka, is an adventurer, far from home. He is also a renegade for not steadily working in a state of perpetual glumness, like the rest of his kind.

Special abilities: With their suction-cup-like feet and chisel-sharp fingers, gorglum are uniquely suited to harvest jewels from the rock. They also have the special ability to transform back into the ornaments they hatched from, which protects them from fires and other harm. Although it’s not mentioned in the book, the gorglum also have an interesting writing system.


Inspiration: I based Grble on a puppet I sewed as a teenager (named “No,” shown here with his wife “Which”… you should have seen their children).